William Branham: A Prophet Visits South Africa


Julius Stadsklev was chaplain and intelligence officer for the United States Army. He received formal assignment to accompany the Branham group as an observer in South Africa. The sociological effect of Bro. Branham’s ministry was noted by the U.S. Government, and the U.S. Amy had special interest due to the claims of miraculous events. Julius’ job was to write a detailed report of his observations, and his close proximity to Bro. William Branham gave him adequate reason to become a follower. As a licensed and practicing Lutheran clergyman, Julius Stadsklev had never seen such levels of ethos between a speaker and audience, and the audience’s response was phenomenal. The parts of the research material not included in the formal report to the US ARMY was collected under the cover of this book “William Branham: A Prophet Visits South Africa”. This book continues to attract attention to a man of faith worthy of close review beyond the criticism of pundits and doubters. After retirement from the US ARMY, Stadsklev attended Tucson Tabernacle where Branham’s memory and work continue to inspire those who accept God as more than an intellectual abstraction or a folk fiction of history.

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