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The Revelation of the Seven Seals – New Hope Revival Ministries

The Revelation of the Seven Seals



William Marrion Branham was an incredible man of God whom God used to usher in the Latter Rain Revival of the 40’s and 50’s. Early in 1963, he had a powerful divine experience which he saw by trance vision a couple of months before it happened. On Sunset Mountain in the Tucson area, he was taken up into a constellation of seven angels, and one angel told him to return to Jeffersonville, Indiana, to preach on the Seven Seals from the Book of the Revelation.

During those meetings in March of 1963, the same angel would appear to him each morning to give him revelation he had never had before about each Seal. He would then preach about it that night.

This MP3 set contains all ten messages of Bro. Branham from that series of meetings: The Breach Between the Church Ages and the Seals, God Hiding Himself in Simplicity, The First Seal, The Second Seal, The Third Seal, The Fourth Seal, The Fifth Seal, The Sixth Seal, The Seventh Seal, Questions and Answers on the Seals.

These messages bring powerful revelations that are important for the Bride of Christ in our day and contain some mysteries that are soon to be revealed.

*These messages are available for free download at Voice of God website. For your convenience, we offer them pre-packaged here for a small fee.

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