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The Ministry of William Branham Rediscovered – New Hope Revival Ministries

The Ministry of William Branham Rediscovered



For years people have shied away from the ministry of William Branham because of the controversy that has surrounded it. The first interview done by Paul Keith Davis and Pastor Steven L. Shelley was impromptu at the request of a minister who felt impressed by the Lord to find out more about William Branham and his ministry. During this interview they addressed in detail different things that Bro. Branham has been accused of and settled common misunderstandings concerning his unique ministry.

There was so much response  and so many testimonies from the first interview that Paul Keith Davis and Pastor Shelley decided to do a second interview to finish what thye started in the first one and also to take questions from the congregation. Again, this was a wonderful blessing to people who have been drawn to the truth of his message, yet have wondered about things that they have heard. We hope that you also will be blessed to hear these interviews that bring honor to a father of the faith.

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