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2011 Summer Campmeeting | As When a Lion Roars – New Hope Revival Ministries

2011 Summer Campmeeting | As When a Lion Roars



God uses many things in nature to point out spiritual lessons and one of them is the authority of the lion. There are a lot of powerful and dominate animals but when the lion roars there’s no question that he’s the king. The same is true in the spiritual realm. There are a lot of powerful forces and a lot of pulls that can grab our attention, but when the Lion shows up we have no choice but to bow down and worship Him as King.

Just one roar from the King can release us from our past, heal us for the present and launch us into our future and that is what was accomplished in this conference. God used Chuck Pierce, Paul Keith Davis and Pastor Shelley to minister to the people what was on His mind and then He came down and manifested Himself, burning His truth into our hearts.

The Presence of God was so real that there were testimonies sent in by people that streamed the services saying that for the first time they were visited by the manifest Presence of the Lord coming into their homes as they watched the services. We believe that if you open your heart you can also experience a life changing divine appointment with the Lord of hosts!

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