2013 Summer Campmeeting



We look forward to Campmeeting every year because it seems like there is such a download of the Presence and Word of God when hungry people come together to seek Him corporately and this year was certainly no exception. There was a depth to the words that were shared and such a wonderful atmosphere was present for receiving revelation and even impartation.

Chuck Pierce was unable to be with us due to a last minute crisis but he sent us a short video greeting/blessing that was played in a service and will be included in these CDs. Paul Keith Davis and Pastor Shelley shared some powerful truths that we know you will want to dig into, including topics such as the Spirit of Elijah, the Judgment seat of Christ, the Melchizedek priesthood, the finality of Christ’s sacrifice and the beautiful typology revealed through the serpent on the pole.

On Saturday morning of the campmeeting Paul Keith and Pastor Shelley did a special interview type session to talk about the importance of deeper truths such as the Seven Seals & Seven Thunders mentioned in the book of Revelation and how they apply to the Bride of Christ today, concluded by a question & answer time. We know you will be blessed!

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