2012 Summer Campmeeting



We decided to go back to our roots and call our gathering a “campmeeting” this year. It was an amazing time with Paul Keith Davis, Chuck Pierce and Steven L. Shelley. The worship, led by Josh Lindsey, was off the charts and the Presence of the Lord was so strong throughout the worship, speaking and ministry time that it was truly life changing. Angels were felt in the services and we know that a shift took place in the Spirit realm as people focused their attention on worshiping and yielding to the Presence of the Lord.

You will want to hear the awesome revelations that were shared concerning the end of time and the Bride’s destiny in what is swiftly approaching. We were so blessed to hear that there is truly nothing to fear but the best is yet to come; the Glory of the Lord is about to be manifested through His people. We are called to be His priests and it’s time to stop letting our inferiorities and insecurities make us feel disqualified. He has given us His authority and it has everything to do with Him and the power through His shed blood. We know you will be blessed to hear and experience God’s heart for His Bride in this season and in the days just ahead!

The DVD sets will include worship by Joshua Lindsey.

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